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Scripted Responder Correlation via API

jefftuckerbofa Posts: 227
edited June 2023 in Virtualize

I have a user who needs responder correlation on a specific HTTP request header. He wants to have the responder match if the header is not present, or is present but has no value. In his words, null or "". The responder is being generated through the API. This type of thing is fairly simple using custom, scripted correlation. However, I think we established earlier that scripted correlation is not currently supported in the API.

Is there any way to accomplish this using features that are supported in the API?


  • williammccusker
    williammccusker Posts: 640 ✭✭✭


    The normal transport correlation expects to correlate on the presence of a header and an expected value. It should be a fairly simple script but yes it would need to be created using the desktop.