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Announcing Parasoft Jtest 2023.1


Parasoft Jtest 2023.1 is now available!

New Features

Support for Visual Studio Code

VS Code users can now leverage static analysis and coverage display capabilities of the Parasoft Jtest. The Jtest extension is available at the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

Streamline Coverage Workflows with jtestcov

Introducing jtestcov, a tool for simplified coverage workflows. Generate comprehensive coverage reports by scanning application binaries and collecting runtime data. Upload reports to DTP, track coverage metrics, and merge existing runtime reports. Enjoy easy configuration and enhanced usability for coverage and TIA setup.

Unit Test Assistant Enhancements

You can now easily create unit tests for just the changed code inside the IDE. Tests will be automatically generated for modified classes for a selected project or package.

New Flow Analysis Rules


Updated Static/Flow Analysis Rules


Other Changes

  • OIDC support for Google authentication has been added.
  • Support for default parameters of cloned and mapped rules defined in rulemap.xml has been added. The values are visible in the Test Configuration Editor in the IDE.
  • Support for Gradle 7.6
  • Support for Maven 3.9.x
  • Support for Lombok 1.18.24 and 1.18.26
  • Optimized execution time of rules in Compliance Packs and cloned rules.
  • Improved look and feel when running in dark theme.
  • The Changed Based Testing licensed feature has been renamed to Test Impact Analysis. Ensure the correct feature name is listed in your License settings.

Removed Support

  • Removed Support for Team Server
    Team Server has been removed and is no longer supported. If your Team Server artifacts are still stored in DTP Team Server, they need to be migrated to a shared location.

  • Removed Support Windows Server 2019

Official release notes can be seen here.