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cpptesttrace option --cpptesttraceRun-OrigCmd=[yes|no] does not exist

ducster81 Posts: 5

Tool: Parasoft C/C++test Standard 2022.2

Per the documentation below for cpptesttrace, if the option --cpptesttraceRun-OrigCmd is set to "no", then the original command line will not be executed. However, this option is not recognized by the tool (verified via cpptesttrace --cpptesttraceHelp). Was support for this feature removed and not updated in the documentation?


  • ducster81
    ducster81 Posts: 5

    I figured it out. The documentation was incorrect. The option is --cpptesttraceRunOrigCmd and not --cpptesttraceRun-OrigCmd (note the hyphen).

  • Bogdan Czwartkowski
    Bogdan Czwartkowski Posts: 157 admin

    @ducster81 ,

    Thank you for reporting this. We will update the documentation.