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incremental scan on docker container

eran Posts: 4

We are running cpptestcli to scan our code inside a docker container.
Since we start with clean workspace every time, the scan takes too much time.
To try to resolve it, we copied ".cpptest" folder to a shared location, then, on the next run, downloaded it to the workspace. the problem is that we still see long scans that seems like full scan and not incremental.
Few things I think could cause this issue:

  • we run the scan with a Jenkins pipeline and the build ID is part of the path to the code so the absolute path is different every time.
  • We use compile_comands.json and it always contains the absolute path. tried to use symbolic link in the compilation and in the scan with no success. I still see the full path in the json.
  • the scans run on different Jenkins node every time.

Any ideas how to solve it? what is missing? is it really a paths issue or something else is missing?
if it is a paths issue, will it help to edit the compile_commands and remove the base dir from the paths?



  • eran
    eran Posts: 4

    Managed to solve it.
    The paths in the compile_commands.json were different every time I ran a scan (since the path contains the Jenkins build ID).
    2 options to solve it:
    1) edit the compile commands and change the path - probably not the best way.
    2) Make sure the scan and the build will always run in the same path.

    *Maybe there is a way to solve it with relative paths. I couldn't fix it this way in our flow.