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Announcing Parasoft dotTEST 2022.2


dotTEST (2022.1) is now available!

Support for .NET 7

Support for .NET 7 has been added. See Supported Frameworks.

Support for C# 11

dotTEST can now analyze code written in C# 11.

IDE Integration

Support for visualizing code coverage in VSCode dotTEST extension has been added.
Setup problems can now be displayed in the form of pop-up messages in the VSCode window.

Parasoft Findings for SonarQube

The Parasoft Findings Plugin for SonarQube has been introduced. The plugin allows you to view static analysis test results within SonarQube. For details, see Parasoft Findings for SonarQube. The plugin can be downloaded from the Parasoft marketplace.

Test Impact Analysis

Test Impact Analysis (TIA), which allows you to execute only the affected tests, is now supported (for CLI only). See Configuring the Test Impact Analysis for details.

Tests Execution and Coverage

VSTest has been updated to version 17.3.0.
Test adapters have been updated to versions compatible with .NET 7:

  • MSTest v.2.2.10
  • NUnit 2 v.2.3.0
  • NUnit 3 v.4.3.0
  • xUnit v.2.4.1

Generating application coverage has been simplified by reducing the number of required settings.

Enhanced Static Analysis

Support for analyzing XAML files has been extended.
The accuracy of MSIL-based Rule Wizard rules has been improved as the rules are now executed via Roslyn infrastructure. This applies to the following built-in rules:


New and Updated Test Configurations

The Security Compliance Pack has been extended by adding support for the following test configurations:

  • CWE 4.9
  • CWE Top 25 2022
  • CWE Top 25 + on the Cusp 2022
  • PCI-DSS 4.0
  • VVSG 2.0

The following test configurations have been updated:

  • Calculate Application Coverage
  • Collect Static Coverage
  • Roslyn .NET Analyzers Default Rules
  • Run VSTest Tests with Coverage
  • Run VSTest Tests
  • UL 2900
  • Updated Static Analysis Rules

The following rules have been updated:

  • BRM.APNFT - Support for C#11 syntax
  • BRM.MLL - Support for C#11 syntax
  • CS.BRM.PNPT - Support for C#11 syntax
  • CS.INTER.ITT - Support for C#11 syntax
  • CS.PB.SHIFT - Support for C#11 syntax
  • PB.CFF - Support for C#11 syntax
  • PB.STATICFLD - Fixed false positive violations
  • SEC.ALSI - Support for C#11 syntax
  • SPR.VPPDIMPL - Improved accuracy

Official release notes can be seen here.