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Execution is failing for specified -resource (.tst) thru command-line

abhaysabu Posts: 10

I've couple of .tst files under my project, say smoke.tst and regression.tst. I just want to run the tests have in smoke.tst so I modified my command-line by adding -resource ${project-path}/ProjectName/FolderName/smoke.tst.
But while executing, it's failing stating - ERROR: Missing Resources: The following symbols/resources were specified, but were not found in the workspace. Ensure they are valid and are relative to the workspace: smoke.tst
When I checked/navigated the file path (specified above), I can see the smoke.tst file over there.
Am I missing anything here?

Note: file is referring or picking up correct, which is located @ - localsettings ${project-path}/ProjectName/


  • Matt Love
    Matt Love Posts: 87 admin

    Parameters for -resource are relative to the workspace path that was specified by the -data argument.
    You should remove ${project-path}/ and just add -resource ProjectName/FolderName/smoke.tst

  • benken_parasoft
    benken_parasoft Posts: 1,208 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2022

    You also need a workspace, not just a project.

    Let's say you create a new empty folder to be your workspace as "C:\MyWorkspace". You first need to import your project into your workspace. A project is the folder with the .project file. Importing a project makes it a member of the workspace. This doesn't involve any copying of files and the workspace location is independent of the project location:

    soatestcli -data "C:\MyWorkspace" -import "${project-path}"

    Now, you need to run tests in your project. You would do that as follows:

    soatestcli -data "C:\MyWorkspace" -resource "ProjectName" -config "builtin://Demo Configuration"

    The "ProjectName" would be the value in the "name" element in the .project file which does not necessarily match the name of the folder containing the .project file.

    If you want to run a single tst you can specify the resource path:

    soatestcli -data "C:\MyWorkspace" -resource "ProjectName/FolderName/smoke.tst" -config "builtin://Demo Configuration"

    You can also use glob patterns. For example, you could run all "smoke.tst" in any project belonging to the workspace like this:

    soatestcli -data "C:\MyWorkspace" -resource "**/smoke.tst" -config "builtin://Demo Configuration"