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Parasoft is pleased to announce the release of DTP 2022.2. This update is available at no cost to customers on an active subscription or maintenance contract. Version 2022.2 of DTP delivers key enhancements for scalability, security, usability, and ease of deployment.

Scalability improvements

• For customers running lots of static analysis and sending reports to DTP, the throughput of Data Collector processing of these reports has improved by 30%.

Security enhancements

• In addition to industry leading support for MISRA, AUTOSAR, CERT for C/C++, PCI DSS, CWE, OWASP, and UL 2900, DTP 2022.2 introduces support for CWE 4.9 and CERT for Java.

Usability improvements

• License Server UI has been completely updated to facilitate configuration and reservations of licenses.

• Permissions UI in User Administration has been enhanced to make it easy for administrators to assign permissions to individual users or entire groups.

• Integration with Azure DevOps has been enhanced to allow for configuring multiple DevOps domains. This allows customers to send test results from different DTP projects to different DevOps domains.

• Support for suppressions/deviations review workflow has been added. This allows review teams, typically comprised of security and dev team members, to set up their own dashboards to find and review new suppressions and deviations. Dev teams can also set up their own dashboard to find and fix suppressions and deviations that have been flagged by the review team.

Ease of deployment improvements

• Docker images, with or without Extension Designer, are available on dockerhub.

• Deployment of LSS and DTP now require less permissions in Kubernetes environment


• For more details, please see the release notes.