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Extract Data from Excel and use that in SQL Query to execute

bharatbarz Posts: 44

Hi all, I am using Excel sheet as Input, so I have kept that as Data Source. Each Line in Excel sheet is a Test Case. I have Data in a specific column in the format like this

I have to extract the Value 1, Value 2. Value n (This Value is the 6th one with separator as :) and then use that to Execute a SQL Query.

I don't know how to extract the record from Excel and Store it in a data store in the above case. Can you guide me on how to achieve this ?


  • bharatbarz
    bharatbarz Posts: 44

    Date Format didn't got posted correctly, so sending again.

    BATCH DATE:S:33:10:C:2022-10-25:
    ID:D:16:4:B: :
    CIN:D:25:4:B: :
    AMT:D:43:8,2:P: :