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How to resolve unnamed structures/unions are undefined when running unit tests?

uname Posts: 6

I have something like this in my header file which is included to project.

extern struct
    uint32_t a;
    uint16_t b; 
} ex_var;

ex_var is used in the functions which I am trying to test. When I am trying to run unit tests using Built In configuration I receive:

undefined reference to `ex_var'

In stub view I can find this structure:

struct unnamed ex_var | N/A | N/A.

I cannot generate stub by right clicking on it as all options are inactive except "Generate Auto Stub" which does literally nothing.

Any ideas how to deal with it? Thanks.


  • Bogdan Czwartkowski
    Bogdan Czwartkowski Posts: 155 admin
    edited October 2022

    @uname ,

    C/C++test stubs functionality will be able to generate stub functions, but it will not stub variables. Since the above is a variable declaration, you will need to provide ex_var definition somehow. You can:
    1. define this variable in a test suite, or
    2. provide an external library or object file that contains the definition and add it to C/C++test Build Settings in project properties.

  • uname
    uname Posts: 6
    edited October 2022

    @Bogdan Czwartkowski
    My teammate solved this by defining all unamed structures and unions in separate file. Like this.

    /** User stub definition for variable: struct name_of_undefined */
    extern typeof(name_of_undefined) name_of_undefined;
    typeof(name_of_undefined) CppTest_Variable_Auto_Stub_name_of_undefined;


  • Bogdan Czwartkowski
    Bogdan Czwartkowski Posts: 155 admin
    edited October 2022

    @uname ,
    many thanks for the update and sharing your solution!