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Why trying to build runtime library in uVision (Keil) IDE fails?

Novodes Posts: 13

I am trying to build the runtime library project provided by Parasoft for Vision Keil IDE.
I chose a different MCU than the original one set in the project. I chose cypress CYBLE-224110-00.
When I try to compile there are compilation errors that result from missing definitions for UART2 etc which I will fix.

But the weird problem is that it says it cannot find these two files:
1. CppTestMessagePlain.c
2. CppTestTypeLimits.c

These two files don't exist at all in all the folders of parasoft. So it seems that the original project is out of date so I am wasting my time to get it to try and compile on my new chip.

Any help would be appreciated.
I have parasoft professional Version: 2021.1.0 (