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Need assistance with setting up a Responder Correlation for SOAP messages.


For some reason I can't figure out why my responder isn't returning the message that I am expecting it to. I am really new at this and I am pretty sure it's a simple setup issue. Here is what I have so far.

  1. I have a message proxy setup on port 9080 and if I monitor and record I see the traffic coming from my test. I have made the assumption that this means I have my test setup correctly and SUT setup correctly to write my localhost properly. (I am running everything on my local machine at the moment)
  2. I have a responder setup and the wsdl url is pointed to the real wsdl. But this allows me to see the service on the response tab.
  3. I have multiple responses setup. The conditions are very simple, I am only looking for the card number to be a certain value
  4. On the Responder Correlation I have tried several things. I have looked for just the service name to be the 1st child from the body tag. I have tried using just the body tag but nothing seems to work.

Is there something I am missing or don't have setup correctly?

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