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Insure++ does not support managed C++!

jeremycoker Posts: 1

I have a C++ project that will only build for Insure++ with /CLR (common language runtime support switched on) However when this compiles the output states "Insure++ does not support managed C++!

I cannot get the project to build unless /CLR is selected however, it will build when /CLR is not selected when building for Release or Debug however.


  • Rich
    Rich Posts: 34 ✭✭

    Insure++ doesn't instrument managed C++. By selecting /CLR, you are guaranteeing that Insure++ will instrument nothing. Insure++ still functions in the absence of instrumentation, (or even with partial instrumentation.)

    You should remove /CLR from your build options if you don't normally use it. Then rebuild the project, and contact our support department for detailed, and individualized help.