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How to switch between licenses that are on a DTP server?

Novodes Posts: 13

I have Parasoft C/C++ test Professional version 2021.1.0 (
I also have DTP server installed on a local network server.
On the DTP server we have two client licenses each with access to different features.
Basically, the first license is for unit tests and the second license is for static analysis.

On my client computer within parasoft I am able to connect to the DTP server and when I go to Preferences->License->Edition I choose custom license and select unit tests and that successfully pulls the correct license and it works.

However, if I select int he custom license settings "static analysis" then it still just pulls the unit tests license and the static analysis doesn't work. It seems as though it doesn't know how to pull the other license.

The other license is free and not used by any other PC on the network. In fact, we can successfully pull the static analysis license on another PC with the same client version of parasoft C/C++ Professional via the DTP server and successfully deactivate it too. It's just this single PC that won't switch.
Any idea as to how to solve this?