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Error reading test log for Test unit for xx.cpp.

LuckyStone Posts: 3

I run "Run Unit Tests (File Scope)" configuration on eclipse base ide vs2013 ,then get a error :"Test execution: error reading test log for Test unit for xx.cpp". How can I Solve this problem?


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  • LuckyStone
    LuckyStone Posts: 3
    Answer ✓

    I found the reason through console,it was solved by adding the dir of dependent dlls into path.


  • LuckyStone
    LuckyStone Posts: 3
    edited June 2022

    When I entered dir “.cpptest\MyProject\unit-data\current_tubf179707”,I found that “cpptest_results.clog” and “cpptest_results.tlog” were missing.So,what can I do for soving the problem?