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How to mask the data if the column is not uniform in values

tian Posts: 2
edited June 2022 in Virtualize

I used symConnect responder suite and the Data Repository generated is set in a way that the values in a Column is different from each other. I want to mask those data but when I set or masked the particular column it will affect other data inside that column. One problem also is that other Data Repository is linked to that column and will be affected if I set/masked that particular column(i.e different data inside that column as well). I don't have any idea yet if I can mask per cell not the whole column. Hoping someone might have the same experience as mine and can share how to figure out this case. Hope I explain it well.



  • Matt Love
    Matt Love Posts: 92 admin

    The Test Data module of CTP will allow you to mask all values of a column in a single data repository including the option to set relational constraints within that single data repository to keep referential integrity to the masked data. However, other data repositories will not be updated. You would have to put all your data in a single repository for this to work.

    You may mask per cell instead of the whole column by navigating to specific data sets and expanding the records to work with individual values. This can be done either via the Test Data web interface in CTP or using the Virtualize desktop GUI.

  • tian
    tian Posts: 2

    Thank you for the response Matt. I can only see via Test Data web interface in CTP under Models Tab the Column name and I can't find a single cell for me to mask it. Please let me know if you have a link or documentation for that. Thanks again