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Change date range for widgets in new License Usage Pack

Bob_Olson Posts: 2

Some of the widgets in the new License Usage Pack allow you to select a start and end date, but it appears to only have a 7 day date range. It doesn't seem to let me pick a date outside that range. Is there any way to change it? The info is useful, but I need a larger date range.

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  • Janusz
    Janusz Posts: 17
    Answer ✓

    Hello @Bob_Olson,
    The common feature of all License Usage charts is that they start showing data since the date when the License Usage pack has been installed. In your case you have presumably installed it on May 26th, right? Because this is the first date available in combo in your parameters list.
    So as the time goes by, the list of dates will get longer (June,3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.) - it will not be limited to 7 days, however the very first date possible to be chosen will always be the date of installation of License Usage pack.
    In other words it is no possible to view license usage history before the installation License Usage pack date on the charts.
    In order to learn such history you could use License Usage API directly (no GUI):


  • Bob_Olson
    Bob_Olson Posts: 2

    OK, thanks for the info, but that means the License Usage charts aren't going to be of much use to me for now. I've been using the license usage APIs to get some of the data, but don't have the time to script putting that data into my own charts. The whole reason we wanted the new License Usage charts is because we're currently looking at usage for our license renewal. These new charts are only gong to be useful going forward. I need to look at a whole years worth of data.