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Preconfiguration for cpptest Professional Eclipse Plugin custom compiler setting not working

Jan Posts: 8
edited May 2022 in C/C++test

In tried to preconfigure the eclipse Plugin settings with the parasoft.ini file.
The documention shows that i have to set the custom.compilers.dir=[Directory]. But it does not set anything in the Parasoft|Configuration|Customs Directories|Custom compilers

"User Configurations and User Rules" works as expected. The value will be set with the values from the parasoft.ini file.
I tried to name the var (cpptest.custom.compilers.dir=[Directory]) in the case the other two do, but this also does not work.
Which one is right?
1) custom.compilers.dir=[Directory]
2) cpptest.custom.compilers.dir=[Directory]

Maybe someknows what is wrong here.


  • Jan
    Jan Posts: 8

    Got an answer from the support. It is a known Bug and it should be fixed in Version 2022.02.