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Is it possible to break down the 1hr load test report into 15 or 30mins fractions?

brawal Posts: 25

Currently, we are running the loadtest in every hour and reports are being generated by 1 hour, which shows the ms average report. Is there a way to make adjust in the report so that we can generate in each 15 mins or so.

Thank you in advance for your input



  • benken_parasoft
    benken_parasoft Posts: 1,171 ✭✭✭

    One thing that may help you is this: Saving Part of a Report

  • brawal
    brawal Posts: 25

    Thanks for the information. This will provide the detail report in the interval. However, we are looking for the network report with the 15 minutes interval. Is there a way we can get the report?

  • Sergei
    Sergei Posts: 34

    After you saved a section of a report (the 15min you are interested it out of the 1hr total) you can open the new .rpt file in Load Test and inspect the network part of the Statistics report. The Statistics report tables will be recalculated using the 'raw' data of the 15min interval you saved.