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why i can't see the test data in database?

cptytptp Posts: 1

Hi, I imported .tst file into load test from SOA test.
In SOA test, I can send the test data into database, but if i use load test, it can't send the data into database.
Any hints? thanks


  • Sergei
    Sergei Posts: 34

    When you run your .tst in Load Test do you see failures in the Load Test report? Select the Statistics view of the Load Test report and check if the "Failures Count" column. If there are errors, you can examine error details as described in the following section of the Load Test docs:

  • paterjasmine8
    paterjasmine8 Posts: 3

    It seems like your load test isn't sending data to the database like it should. Make sure the database settings in your load test tool match what you used in SOA test. Also, double-check that your database username and permissions are set up correctly for the load test environment.