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License issue for the version 2021.2.1

jzhzhn Posts: 1

We have a linux OS running the parasoft cpptestcli, the version is "Parasoft C/C++ test Professional 2021.2.1" and the machineId is given to the license server. But sometimes the cpptestcli program failed with

ERROR: License: Main feature "C++test" status: No more tokens available.
ERROR: Error: No valid license (MachineId: LINUX2-32557414)

When the new version of parasoft failed, I checked the previous version (2020.1.0). The cpptestcli is able to run through and generate the report.

It looks to me that the new version doesn't work stable to acquire the license key. Could you direct me somehow ?


  • ryanamunoz
    ryanamunoz Posts: 2

    Hello zhhzhn, we have a support case open with you to address this question.

    Glad we could solve this issue.