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Configuration problems after source update

uname Posts: 6
edited December 2021 in C/C++test

I had a project with some tests for embedded product. As we are on active development we have usually update our source files in C/C++ test. If the is any tutorial how to update sources I will be very pleased.

After this update, I deleted my old generated stubs for this project as they were deprecated.
When I tried to generate new one, the include problem occur. Some of them I have fixed just by adding to include in project config but other ones cannot.

C/C++test analysis errors in /example.c
1. Test execution: error precompiling file.
In file included from :
error: unknown type name 'bool'

error: unknown type name 'bool'

However I have added stdbool.h file to include path project config.
Also if I try to build project in gcc parameters this file present(-I).