Collect Stub Information does not add make_shared in Stubs view in Parasoft C/C++test 2021.1

AneeshAneesh Posts: 1

I am trying to stub the make_shared which is an inline function, to get 100% decision coverage but the Collect Stub Information Test configuration is not adding it to the Stubs view.

Here is how I use it in ATM example of Parasoft

std::shared_ptr foo = std::make_shared (10);
if(foo == null)
// error statements (not covered in decision coverage)
// do something with foo (covered in decision coverage)

How to get this function in Stubs view or Is make_shared not supported by the stubs?
I have tried a similar example using an inline function in c program, that seems to work. i.e, Parasoft tool was able to add it to Stubs view.


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