Announcing Parasoft Jtest 2021.2

jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 746 admin

The latest release of Parasoft Jtest (2021.2) is now available. In this release, we focused on the following areas:

  • Integration with Azure DevOps and GitLab
  • Enhanced Unit Test Assistant

    • UTA now creates multiple test cases per method that cover different code branches in the method under test. You can create test suites optimized for either maximum code coverage or test suite maintainability.
    • UTA now automatically adds assertions to the tests that it generates during bulk test creation using the Create test suite option
  • Running Jtest from a Docker Container

  • Support for additional versions of Java, Eclipse, and IntelliJ
  • New and updated test configurations for CWE and OWASP Top 10
  • And much more!

See the release notes for more details on all new features in this release.

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