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Announcing the 2021.2 release of Parasoft DTP


Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • New Machine Learning Workflow for Prioritizing Static Analysis Findings

The Recommend Assignees workflow is designed to analyze violations from previous builds to recommend developers who should fix violations reported in the currently analyzed build.

  • Integration with Azure DevOps and other external systems

Parasoft DTP now integrates with Azure DevOps to facilitate bi-directional traceability between Azure DevOps items and Parasoft automated tests and static analysis results.

We've added support for changed granularity of Parasoft SOAtest test results that are sent to external systems integrated with Parasoft DTP. Each SOAtest .tst file can be represented by one test when sent to external systems from Parasoft DTP.

  • Enhanced User Administration

We've extended the system administration capabilities of DTP. The Active Users feature allows DTP administrators to monitor which users are currently using DTP and be notified when the user limit has been reached. In addition, the feature introduced license reservation, where a user who already has a license reservation in License Server will be automatically activated in DTP.

  • Optimized Dashboard Drop-downs

We've optimized the Filter and Project drop-down menus to handle an extensive list of projects and filters.

  • Enhanced Linux Start-up and Shutdown Scripts

The DTP server, Data Collector, and DTP Enterprise Pack start-up and shutdown scripts for Linux have been enhanced for use in automated workflows.

  • Connecting Enterprise Pack to an External MongoDB

You can now connect Enterprise Pack to an external version of MongoDB. This allows you to connect to a newer version of MongoDB than the version shipped with Enterprise Pack – up to MongoDB 4.4.

Refer to the Parasoft DTP release notes for more changes and details about this update: