Update bdf file for imported project via command line

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I have parasoft professional version.
I have imported a project using a bdf file.
However, I have changed the project and would like to update the bdf file for the imported project.
I can update the bdf file easily. But how do I update the already imported project?
If I type:
cpptestcli -bdf "cpptestscan.bdf" -data "C:\Users\Eyal\Documents\parasoft"
Then it tells me that the operation fails:

[0%] Importing 1 build data file project(s)...
[0%] Importing PNG_MCU_STM32WB55RGVX...
[0%] ...failed - project name already reserved: PNG_MCU_STM32WB55RGVX
[100%] ...finished, 0 of 1 project(s) successfully imported.
[100%] Done

Please note that I would like to be able to update the project via the command line and not from the IDE.



  • NovodesNovodes Posts: 9

    I gave up and just installed the Standard edition and this way I can use the bdf file repeatedly without an issue.

    I used the following command to run the analysis:

    cpptestcli -input "cpptestscan.bdf" -report "C:\Users\Eyal\Documents\PNG_ManifestRepo\PNG_MCU_STM32WB55RGVX\reports" -config "C:\Users\Eyal\Documents\parasoft\My_Find Duplicated Code.properties" -compiler armclang_6_6

    So the issue is resolved for me.

  • mzwawamzwawa Posts: 20

    Hi Novodes,
    in C/C++test Professional you can use the option -bdf for project import to the workspace only once. For any change in the project structure, you have captured in a new BDF file (e.g. adding a new source file), remove the workspace directory and perform a fresh import of the project to a new workspace. This shouldn't be a problem when running the analysis on the command line.
    For the example above you just run the same cpptestcli command, but please remove the "C:\Users\Eyal\Documents\parasoft" directory before.

    For the C/C++test Standard command above, please also add the extra flag '-module' and point to the project root directory. It should provide more complete results for static code analysis.

  • NovodesNovodes Posts: 9

    Hi @mzwawa ,
    1. I didn't think about doing that. I mean, I erased the project folder within "C:\Users\Eyal\Documents\parasoft" and that didn't work because somehow it still identified that the project was already imported. Maybe your suggestion will resolve that. I will try it out and let you know.
    2. I will check that out as well and let you know.

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