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multiline parasoft tags to suppress violations

maksim_masalski Posts: 1
edited July 2021 in C/C++test

I'm working under open-source C project, that is not using // style comments/
In some cases, description in the tag is very long, and can't be placed into one line.
I want to know will Parasoft Static analysis tools will detect multiline tags like:

/* parasoft suppress item MISRAC2012-RULE_20_4-a
* "Trick compiler to make sure the type of ssize_t
* won't be unsigned long."

One more example, I noticed parasoft didn't suppress second violation:
/* parasoft suppress item MISRAC2012-RULE_20_4-a item MISRAC2012-RULE_20_4-b
* "Trick compiler to make sure the type of ssize_t
* unsigned long."

Do you have any guidelines about that? Your documentation doesn't cover such a specific cases