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"No tests were executed" msg in Jobs while running the Job in CTP

api_tester Posts: 28

Hi Team,

I am trying to run a job where I have saved my tst file in Test scenario and executing the job from the system in CTP. I am getting msg as "No tests were executed". Although i have uploaded the tst file the same way like others it is not working. If I execute the tst from Test Scenarios, I am seeing the tests are passing and when I check the report I can see Summary Test execution (Not Summary Functional Tests) and test execution details (like passed failed). Only when I try to run the same tst via Jobs it is not working.

Please suggest what can be the issue?



  • api_tester
    api_tester Posts: 28

    any suggestion for the above query. TIA

  • Matt Love
    Matt Love Posts: 88 admin

    There could be several reasons for a CTP job to not execute any tests. If the job is associated with a system and environment that fails to provision then test execution will be skipped. Another reason could be that multiple SOAtest servers are combined in an execution group, but the server on which the job is executed does not have the TST file or data source file. Check the above reasons. If you still can't figure it out then I suggest opening a case with Parasoft support.

  • api_tester
    api_tester Posts: 28

    Thanks Matt. The same test is running in desktop application in same environment but not in CTP. In Test scenario it is showing as passed but when we add a job and pull the test scenario to that job having the same tst it is showing "no test executed".