Unmarshalling error with virtual responder

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I have a responder set up to simulate a service our web application depends on. However, when we use the responder in our application workflow we are receiving the following error:

org.springframework.oxm.UnmarshallinFailureException: JAXB unmarshalling exception; nested exception is javax.xml.bind.UnmarshalException: unexpected element (uri:"http://bac.com/xmlschema/cbl/bac024",local:"evaluateArrangementRequestResponse")

The body of the responder is an XML response. We suspect that the problem is with implementing the correct XML schema however I am having trouble achieving this in Parasoft Virtualize. What documentation can I refer to for working with schemas? Thank you.



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    From the error message, it sounds like the issue is that there is an element in the XML response payload that the application doesn't allow. Based on the error message it seems to indicate that perhaps there is an "evaluateArragementRequestResponse" element that shouldn't be present. Is that an element that can be removed or is it the root xml element?

    Are you able to compare the expected response xml, from say recorded traffic or some other capture, to what the responder is sending back?

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    That is the root element. The response I am using is a sample from the application in production and that element is definitely there.

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    Strange, based on the error from Spring it seems to indicate it doesn't expect that response. Could it be that a different request message was sent and being sent this response instead? You can use the Event Monitoring perspective to review what request was received and what response was sent by a virtual asset. That would help to understand what request Virtualize received when it sent back that response.


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    Thank you. I will try monitoring the traffic.

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