Multiple linker errors when using unit tests for a Keil µVision project

KarstenSimonKarstenSimon Posts: 1

Hello, I have a linker issue when using unit tests (cpptest) for a Keil µVision project.
The versions are:
Keil Arm MDK 5.27 (Windows 10)
Parasoft C/C++test Professional (Standalone)

The project was created by importing the batch generated from Keil IDE.
Generating Unit tests and stubs works fine, but running a test results in multiple
Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol cpptestDsMethodNotInitialized (referred from bundled_address_check.o). Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol cpptestXyz (referred from bundled_address_check.o).
After searching this forum I suspect the build settings, but even after some reconfiguring, there is no success.

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