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It's taking more time for execution while pointing to virtual environment

Nihar1991 Posts: 52

Hi Team,

Currently, we have created a virtual environment by virtualizing some services and we do load tests by pointing to the real and virtual environments.

But during execution, I observe it's taking more time when we point to the virtual server than the real one.

Please find the attached screenshot for the time taken in each run. Can anyone suggest why this happens?

Nihar Ranjan Arisal


  • williammccusker
    williammccusker Posts: 556 ✭✭✭


    From the high level, it's hard to say for sure what might be happening. As a starting point, I would recommend reading this forums post

    It contains a lot of advice about how to configure a Virtualize server for performance. There are some steps in that post, for example, Disable Event Monitoring, which absolutely needs to be done otherwise it significantly decreases performance (Event Monitoring is meant as a debugging tool to help when building virtual services).

    Other things to check would be what license the Virtualize server has, for example, there are throughput limiting licenses so the ideal would be to have a server with the Performance feature. Also, the virtual asset being used by the load test could be checked to see if there are any performance profiles or additional delays configured that might be making the virtual service slower than the live service.

    Let me know if anything of these helped!