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GraphQL Support?

Gambit Posts: 28
edited February 2021 in SOAtest

Is additional support for graphql coming to the next release of soatest?

Typing out literal requests is quite difficult. I typically use a 3rd party application to construct the requests using the graphql schema and intellisense, and copy pasting what I have constructed into a literal JSON request. Would be nice to have a graphQL dropdown to assist with formatting as well as schema support.

This is all I could locate on the subject, and its how I've been working with it so far:


  • benken_parasoft
    benken_parasoft Posts: 1,171 ✭✭✭
    edited February 2021

    Please refer to this article on how to test with GraphQL from Parasoft SOAtest:
    What Is GraphQL and How to Test it?

    Would be nice to have a graphQL dropdown to assist with formatting as well as schema support.

    You would need to reach out to your contact at Parasoft if you would like to formally request a product enhancement.

    Like you, I do think it would be useful if SOAtest could make an "introspection query" to the GraphQL endpoint to first get the schema and then provide a special Form view that is based on the schema.

  • Gambit
    Gambit Posts: 28

    Thanks Benken, I've submitted a product enhancement request.

  • benken_parasoft
    benken_parasoft Posts: 1,171 ✭✭✭

    SOAtest now has a GraphQL client that simplifies the construction and messaging of GraphQL queries. There is an editor for configuring the query and controls to specify how to encode the query in the HTTP request (one of five different ways).

    See the release notes for SOAtest 2022.1.

  • benken_parasoft
    benken_parasoft Posts: 1,171 ✭✭✭

    The SOAtest GraphQL Client can now consume a GraphQL Schema Definition Language (SDL) document. This simplifies building queries, where the Form GraphQL view is populated with controls to select and configure the available fields, arguments, etc.

    See the release notes for SOAtest 2022.2.