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Generate Unit test

sunboy Posts: 4

I have a question.
when parasoft generate test for input argument.what is
the procedure of generate values to test argument.for example consider func foo1()

int foo1(int x)

if (x < 10)
return 1;
else if (x >10 and x < 20 )
return 2;
else if ( x > 20 )
return 3;
else return 0;


for test x values that may be generate is :
0,1,-1,9,10,11,19,20,21,max int,min int
this number shows that parasoft understand desicion condition and select approprate number to test boundry value.
now , if we have foo2():

int foo1(float f)

if (f < 2.75)
return -1;
else if (f >2.75 and f < 6.75 )
return 0;
else if ( f > 10.25 )
return 1;
else return -2;

in this example the values that generate by parasoft is :
we expect that values like 2.8,2.6,6.74,6.73,10.24,10.26,and so on generate.
please explain that parasoft can generate this range of value for float and so on variables ?
tanks a lot


  • Mirek
    Mirek Posts: 140 admin

    Hello @sunboy

    For the source example with floating-point values, you should see test cases containing values used inside conditions. With floating-point values, heuristics work slightly differently due to floating-point comparison specifics.

    Please double-check the limit of generated test cases in the test configuration's Generation->General->Max number of generated test cases (per. function).

    If this value is low, like 4 or 6, you may not see these additional heuristics-based test cases.

    Also, please check the test configuration's Generation->Test Case-> Use heuristic values for input parameters. It should be enabled.