Load test for specific number of hits per call

goofy78270goofy78270 Posts: 126

I would like to run a load test for 200 calls on each test in the tst. I found hits per ? and # of users, but nothing to limit the call count. Is there a way to do this without guessing and adjusting the above to get close to the total cal count?


  • SergeiSergei Posts: 32

    You can do it in SOAtest by configuring the suite test flow logic using the "While variable" and Maximum number of loops logic. In this case the test will be executed 200 times sequentially. Alternatively you can use a Load Test scripted custom stop action. You will need to use Load Test API to write this script. For more details see the "Customizing Load Test Parameters -> Customizing the Load Test Stop Procedure -> Customizing Load Test Stop Actions."

  • goofy78270goofy78270 Posts: 126

    Thanks. I also found 2 sample scripts in the Scripting examples pdf from the website.

    1 thing I can't seem to find is a system variable list for Load Test scripts. Currently, I am looking for a field that will tell me the total count of test steps. I did find the following to loop through the results, but I was looking for something more pre-test execution.

  • SergeiSergei Posts: 32

    It sounds like you are looking for the Load Test scripting API documentation, if so you can find it by clicking Help->API->Scripting API in the Load Test. The most relevant packages for your case would be com.parasoft.api.loadtest.output and com.parasoft.api.loadtest.

  • goofy78270goofy78270 Posts: 126

    Thanks for that insight, but I did not find any call that would offer a count to the test steps before they were completed. Currently I set value in a test suite variable and will manually adjust as needed, until I can find a better solution to get the count dynamically.

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