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Announcing the 2020.2 release of Parasoft SOAtest, Virtualize and Continuous Testing Platform

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The latest release of the Parasoft enterprise functional testing products, version 2020.2 is now available! In this release, there are several enhancements aimed at making API test automation and service virtualization easier and more productive for DevOps teams. In this release we focused on 3 primary themes:

  • Low-Code Applications: Enhancements to increase test coverage and quality.
  • Workflow: Improvements to gain forensic insights into test asset modifications.
  • Performance: Optimizations and performance improvements of the overall functional solution.

See our press release and the announcement blog.

SOAtest and Virtualize 2020.2

  • Smart API Test Generator improvements in support of low-code applications
    o Added specific test creation properties for Salesforce and Guidewire
    o Added the ability to select the specific application type in the recorder
    o Added the ability to select application type in the Smart test wizard
    o Better handling of CSRF Token passed in Set-Cookie headers
    o Text data bank enhancements for Regex and whitespace normalization options
    o Automatic data extraction from HTML
    o Automatic file versioning

  • Optimizations and performance improvements
    o End of support for XML in SOAVirt REST API; use JSON going forward
    o End of support for legacy browser engine and Safari; use Selenium driver and Chrome going forward
    o End of support for SOAtest legacy stubs; use Parasoft Virtualize going forward
    o End of support for legacy ALM/SDLC systems; now supported through native CI plugins
    o Removed deprecated ISO 8583 UI; use ISO 8583 extensions in Marketplace going forward
    o NOTE 2020.2 is a major version with several potentially breaking changes (be sure to back up your workspace)

  • Improved installer process
    o Zulu OpenJDK 1.8 from Azul now ships with product
    o 202X.X versions can now be installed side by side
    o SOAtest now ships with Eclipse 2020-06
    o The separate instance of Parasoft Test is no longer installed or required
    o Smart test templates will now be grouped in a subfolder for easy navigation
    o All TST files will be automatically closed on start-up

  • Reporting improvements
    o Removed duplicate traffic in reports to reduce overall size

Continuous Testing Platform (CTP) 2020.2

In the latest release of the CTP, we expanded the modification history capabilities to enable users to track platform usage and modification. These changes enable you to gain forensic insight into who has modified assets, tests, environments, and so on.

The modification history has a new look and feel and now allows users to select the timeframe for investigation. This data can then be viewed in the web table or can be exported to CSV for auditing in the user’s system of choice.

Additional Enhancements to SOAtest, Virtualize, & CTP

There are additional enhancements to all tools in the suite, including numerous resolved bug fixes and performance optimizations. Read the full release notes for more information.