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Announcing Parasoft DTP 2020.2

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The latest version of Parasoft DTP has been released. It adds new improvements for reporting on advanced metadata for Machine Learning, violation "Hotspots" and coverage analysis providing better predictions and insights into the continuous quality of your software.

Advanced Metadata for Machine Learning
The machine learning feature can now process reports containing advanced metadata generated by Parasoft tools. The advanced metadata includes additional features for improving the predictions made by the DTP machine learning feature. You can enable advanced metadata reports in the test configuration. Refer to the test configuration documentation for additional information.

JQL Support for Jira Integration
You can now include JQL strings when configuring the DTP integration with Jira.

Static Analysis Hotspot Flow
The Process Intelligence Pack extension for DTP Enterprise Pack now includes the Static Analysis Hotspot widget and report. This artifact determines which code analysis violations stem from the same flow trace source and reports the sources as “hotspots”. By default, a flow trace source is considered a hotspot when it results in at least five (5) violations, but you can configure the threshold in the widgets shipped with the slice.

Coverage Widgets for C/C++test Professional
C/C++test Professional is capable of reporting a variety of coverage types, including block, path, MC/DC, etc. This release includes the C/C++test Coverage Overview - Percent and C/C++test Overview Coverage - Trend widgets, which are specifically designed to present the different coverage types reported by C/C++test.

Compliance Pack Updates
We've added the ability to excludes false positives as deviations in the MISRA Compliance report.
The CWE compliance artifact now supports CWE 4.2 for Java and .NET.
• MISRA compliance report - ability to exclude false positives as deviations
• Support for CWE 4.2
• Updates to CWE Top 25 + on the Cusp
• Updates to OWASP Top 10
• Updates to PCI DSS
• Updates to CERT C and CERT C++
• Updates to MISRA C 2012
• Updates to AUTOSAR C++14

Traceability Report Updates
The traceability test details report now includes a link to the Tests Explorer that returns all tests associated with a specific work item. Previously, the report included links to the Test Explorer for individual tests. This update enables you to view all tests associated with a work item in one interface.

Additional Updates

For more information see the release notes