Dynamic Response Header in Responder Created Through REST API

Looking for a way to create a message responder that contains a dynamic response header strictly through the REST API /v6/tools/messageResponders. I would like to have a response header that echoes back the value that was sent in the request. As an example, a request comes in with a traceId in the request header. I would want to get the value of that header and sent it in a response header. I can do this easily when I create a responder with the UI (create a header databank and then populate the header in the response transport header). But i am not seeing any support for a header databank in the REST API docs.


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    What you are seeing is correct. The header data bank is not currently exposed in the REST API. If this is something you need please contact support and let them know so that a feature request can be created.

  • found a workaround thanks.

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    I am glad you were able to find a workaround! I am curious what did you end up doing?

  • Instead of regenerating the entire VA using the REST API, I set up the VA manually using the UI (which includes the component that isn't exposed in the REST API) and then I use the REST API for the creation of of the dynamic components

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    Awesome! Glad that works! :smile:

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