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reactancexlreactancexl Posts: 144

I am trying a simple literal responder json response. when I start everything it works from soatest. If I make a change (add a element to the literal response) and restart everything I keep getting the initial response without the change. I have to delete and recreate the responder with new change. How do I get it to reflect the change when calling the endpoint from soatest. There is not correlation either.



  • VirtualUserVirtualUser Posts: 11

    Hi, there should be no need to delete and recreate the responder or to refresh. After making the change to the response please make sure you save the change. After saving you should see a message like below in the SOAVirt console view showing that the asset was redeployed:
    10/20 07:34:14 AM Deploying virtual asset...
    10/20 07:34:14 AM Name="myAsset", Path="/myAsset", Location="C:\runtime-SOAVirt\VirtualAssets\myAsset.pva".
    The change should then be reflected in the behavior of the asset.

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