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Reference environments not showing in CTP

goofy78270 Posts: 133

When using reference environments in a tst, those environments do not appear to be available in CTP. Is this by design or a bug? Is there a work around that will allow us to us reference environments?

in tst:

in CTP:


  • Hi Goofy,

    When you moved your TST files from the local to the remote server, did you copy over your referenced env files with the same path to the file env files? I find it easiest to place the env files in the workspace, and use relative path therefore when you move the tst over to the remote SOAtest server, you simply need to place the TST and env file in the same relative folder structure. For example, if your tst and env file are both in TestAssets then the path would simply be "Test.env":

  • goofy78270
    goofy78270 Posts: 133

    Thanks. Apparently I did not account for the path to the test references on the CTP server versus locally. I adjusted these and now it is working without issue.

  • No problem, glad that helped