Web Scenario UI Test with Blazor

devonDarcenydevonDarceny Posts: 1
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I have a .Net Core Blazor (server side) application that I am trying to create UI tests for using the Web Record web scenario test suite. Blazor utilizes siginalR to make the application work and to update the http of the page. When I run the tests through SoaTest signalR immediately loses connection making the application unusable, but when I run a selenium based test through visual studio the connection is just fine.


  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 705 admin

    signalR uses the WebSocket protocol underneath. Unfortunately SOAtest does not support WebSockets during record and playback. Parasoft does have another web testing solution called Selenic that adds self-healing to Selenium tests, if you decide to use Selenium and need a way to stabilize the tests.

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