Autosar C++14 Compliance widget

kaldenkalden Posts: 2

Is there a way to filter the "compliance by category" widget by Autosar C++14, or maybe custom rulesets?


  • phamtsphamts Posts: 3

    Hello Kalden. You can filter the widget by clicking the 3 dots on the top right of the widget.

    Then, you can select AUTOSAR for the compliance section.

    For reference, please see the documentation for the "compliance by category" widget.

  • phamtsphamts Posts: 3
    edited September 14

    If you are interested in the full AUTOSAR Compliance experience for DTP, we do have the Automotive Compliance Pack on Parasoft Marketplace that has compliance with MISRA and AUTOSAR C++ 14 automotive coding guidelines. This pack includes widgets for viewing your automotive compliance status. For example, please see the dashboard below:

    You can request a download for the Automotive Compliance Pack at Please note that you will need a Customer Portal account to download this artifact. If you do not have one, please register for the Customer Portal.

    For instructions for installing the Automotive Compliance Pack, please refer to the documentation under the download button.

  • kaldenkalden Posts: 2
    edited September 14

    AUTOSAR doesn't show up in my compliance drop down. Is that because I don't have the Automotive Compliance pack installed?

  • phamtsphamts Posts: 3

    Hello Kalden. Apologies for the late response. Yes, you will need to install the Automotive Compliance Pack. I've also sent you an email for more information about that pack. Please let me know in the email if you require additional assistance for installing the Automotive Pack.

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