BOGUS_LEAK explained

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When running my application, I get a couple messages of the form "BOGUS_LEAK" and a couple references to where in the code some memory is being allocated and where Insure++ thinks it might be getting deleted (I think).

The manual has no entry on the message BOGUS_LEAK. Can someone fill me in on that?


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    The BOGUS_LEAK error message is insure's way of telling you that there was some kind of leak error reported at runtime.


    that later on during execution insure see's and realizes that it had made a mistake. Rather than have you searching all over the place looking for where this thing had leaked we thought it would be better to inform you that that was a mistake. If you have multiple leaks reported at runtime then you can see which one this BOGUS_LEAK refers to by checking the stack trace information to see which leak reported is the same as this BOGUS_LEAK.

    Note this is strictly in the runtime report it would not be something you would see in the leak summary. The leak summary being the more fool proof place to see what has leaked.
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