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How to install C++ Test Professional on multiple IDEs

wheezie Posts: 1

We have C/C++ Professional. It is currently installed on TI Code Composer Studio IDE. I would also like to have it installed on NXP S32 Design Studio. How can this be done?



  • shivambhatele
    shivambhatele Posts: 4

    Hey, I don't know about the solution but you can check or put this type of query on stackoverflow. It will help you.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 admin

    Yes, this can be done, I'm assuming this is Windows.
    If you have C++test installed at ...\parasoft\cpptest\2020.1.0TI and ...\parasoft\test\2020.1.0TI
    Temporarily rename these to folders to a backup name.
    Run C++test installer and tell it to remove C++test
    The folders don't exist, so nothing gets removed.
    But the Registry gets cleared of the previous install.
    Now rename your TI folders back and all will work fine with TI install.

    Run the C++test installer again and install into your NXP IDE at ...\parasoft\cpptest\2020.1.0NXP and ...\parasoft\test\2020.1.0NXP

    Both should work now