Fetching the base URL from the browser opened from Browser Playback option

nishitdeynishitdey Posts: 2

Hi Team,

As a part of our testing, we need to fetch an Dynamic ID which is a part of the URL.
However, we reached to a point where we navigate to that URL from Browser Playback option.
We need to fetch the URL from the browser

Issue that we are facing:
1. REST URL Data bank : Getting a blank in all the parameters
2. Chrome : None of the backend API's are captured in Http Traffic.


  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 739 admin

    I assume that in your Browser Testing Tool you navigate to one URL that redirects to a second URL, and you need to capture a parameter from the second URL? If there was no redirect you could simply extract that data from the URL you pass to the Browser Testing Tool. If the URL redirects, then you would want to use a REST URL Data Bank or an Extension Tool attached to the appropriate request in the Http Traffic. When you look at the Traffic Viewer that is attached to the Browser Testing tool, is the request listed there?

  • nishitdeynishitdey Posts: 2

    Steps that we perform using a Browser Plackback tool:

    1. Open the browser with a specific URL
    2. Then Click on a button which navigates to desired URL on the same browser
    3. This URL contains a dynamic code.

    1. We used the REST URL Data Bank but all the variables was empty.
    2. As i said, while recording and playback Http traffic is blank.

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