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Trying to use a file on CTP server

VirtEyes Posts: 62

I am trying to use a CSV file for the CSV data source. I have uploaded the file to a folder on the server via the CTP, but I am unable to retrieve the file in the File Path: location / space within the CSV data source window.

What is the format used to point to a specific file on the server? I am connected to the server, but just unable to point directly to the file

The file path is: /VirtualAssets/MQ/Files/Numbers.csv as it is listed for the server within CTP


  • Matt Love
    Matt Love Posts: 63 admin
    edited July 2020

    The format used is exactly the same as the file path to your CSV file: /VirtualAssets/folder/file.csv
    Double-check that the CSV file is listed in the navigation tree on the left panel, and check that you can successfully download it from CTP. If that works, then it should be listed in the autocomplete area for CSV data source > File path.

    Note: the autocomplete area only shows files with .csv extension case-sensitive, so make sure your file is not named Numbers.CSV with capitalized extension.