Unable to execute tests

TejashreeTejashree Posts: 3


I could successfully create automated Tests for my dummy C Project using Parasoft. But on executing these tests, I get message in console:

Collecting tests to be executed...
Skipping test suite(s) - invalid CPPTEST_TEST_SUITE_INCLUDED_TO value detected:

Preparing execution flow...
Setting property: stub_config_file = C:\Users\fischnle\Backup\C++test for Eclipse\Tutorial\ATMEclipseGNU\workspace.cpptest\Addition\unit-data\current_tubf179707/stubconfig.xml
Setting property: stub_config_header_file = C:\Users\fischnle\Backup\C++test for Eclipse\Tutorial\ATMEclipseGNU\workspace.cpptest\Addition\unit-data\current_tubf179707/cpptest_stubconfig.h
Finding test cases...
No test cases found.
Clearing temporary coverage data...

"Run Unit Tests (Project Scope)" (Execution) for /Addition successfully finished.

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