How to use Swagger in Parasoft soa test

DaveDave Posts: 1

Hi Team,
I want to use Open API / Swagger in my soa test. When I want to automate any test case which has query parameter, how can I pass my query parameter in the query tab?
I am getting the message the specified operation has no configuration path parameter. To change the path, select a different operation. How will I pass my query, it is disabled?

In the resource tab, I am selecting Service definition: OpenAPI/Swagger
Open API URL: I am specifying the service URL.
Operation dropdown: I select the operation from the operation dropdown, once I select that the URL test and the Resolved URL is automatically populated which is in disabled form.

In Path and Query Tab: The specified operation has no query parameter
**Path: **The specified operation has no configurable path parameter. To change the path, select a different operation.


  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 706 admin

    It sounds to me like the Swagger definition does not define any query parameters for the operation you selected. If you want to send query parameters for that operation, after you choose the operation change the Service Definition to "None" and then you should be able to add Query parameters.

  • whaakerwhaaker Posts: 43

    It also sounds like your Swagger definition is incomplete or out-of-date with the service behavior if it is not letting you define parameters you need to define. The "Swagger-aware" constrained mode of the REST Client is great because it is supposed to take the guess-work out of how to configure your client for that service operation. It also saves you time later on when you need to update your tests to a new version of the service. What I'm getting at is you might have just stumbled into a real issue that your developers could investigate!

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