Reinstall DTP change MachineID

reactancexlreactancexl Posts: 145

I accidently deleted the "Admin" account from the administration portion of DTP. If I reinstall DTP will the MachineID change? ALso is there a workaround where I can add the user back in. ? This is the error I am getting.
15-May-2020 12:38:08.633 SEVERE [main] org.hsqldb.persist.Logger.logSevereEvent C:\Parasoft\DTP\pstsec\db\ (Access is denied)


  • reactancexlreactancexl Posts: 145

    Reinstalling Uninstalling and Reinstalling does not change the Machine ID.

  • AlexeyBAlexeyB Posts: 2

    I've upgraded DTP server from 5.3.4 -> 2020.2 by 2 iterations:
    1) 5.3.4 - > 5.4.3 - MachineID isn't changed
    2) 5.4.3 -> 2020.2 - MachineID is changed

    Additionally I've checked local MachineID for 2020.1 (thru client distibutive) - MachineID didn't change.

    So, only upgrade to 2020.2 will change MachineID.

  • JeehongMinJeehongMin Posts: 25 ✭✭

    Please see release notes for 2020.2 release which mentions changes to machineID.

    Upgrade Notes
    Upgrading to 2020.2 on Windows changes the machine ID for the host running DTP. As a result, licenses stored and served from the License Server module become invalid. If DTP contains invalid licenses after upgrading, contact your Parasoft representative to obtain new licenses.

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