Insure++ 2020 … change is coming

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We've got something big in the works for 2020 … Insure++ is undergoing a major redesign.

To get feedback and help customers get ahead of the changes, we are breaking the delivery into two phases;

Phase 1: Insure 2020.1 Pre-Release (available June 2020)

In phase 1 we are focused on support for the Windows platform. Gone are the dependencies on the VisualStudio build - along with the need for Insure Inject, Insure Spy and the Visual Studio plugin. This has been replaced with a more natural integration with MSBuild.

This redesign opens up some great improvements for Insure++ - You can now do remote debugging and just in time debugging, the prerelease will support VS2019 and gone are the issues with Windows 10 updates closing the door on Insure++'s support for the operating system.

In addition and in preparation for C++20, we have also updated the parser for Insure++. The prerelease will accept C++20 code … but will not add any C++20 specific instrumentation … Yet, that's targeted for phase 2.

This is a significant change to how you setup Insure++ on the Windows platform - so watch out for our migration guide and video.

Phase 2: Insure 2020.1 GA Release (Q4 2020)

In phase 2, we are updating the Insure++ report UI for both Windows and Linux. We've come to love the Insure++ 80's/90's retro feel but a UI refresh has been a long time coming.

As I also mentioned, Insure++ 2020.1 will be ready for C++20 code. Specific capabilities and support will depend on the support by compilers (gcc 10 was just released with limited C++20 support) - but rest assured, C++20 support is coming and the redesign is setting us up to rapidly add enhanced support over the course of 2021.

2020 is going to be a big year for Insure++, so if you are interested in getting access to the prerelease and providing feedback - please contact the Parasoft team to get on the early access program

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