cpptestcli does not fail if a test suite has a compilation error

ThomasMooreThomasMoore Posts: 7

When using cpptestcli from the Processional version of C/C++test, I've noticed that if a test suite has a compilation error, no failures are generated by cpptestcli and the other test suites are executed. The only way to determine that a test suite didn't run is by looking at the number of tests executed.

When ruining unit tests with the eclipse client, compilation errors with the test suites or stubs cause an error to be generated and the testing to stop. Is it possible to replicate this with cpptestcli?



  • ThomasMooreThomasMoore Posts: 7

    Update: I found that the errors are included in the XML report generated by cpptestcli. However, they are not included in the xUnit report, which prevents any type of CI system from being aware that some of the tests weren't run.

    As a possible improvement, it would be nice if this failure information was reflected in the xUnit report in such a way that a CI system could determine that there was a failure.

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