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Announcing the 2020.1 release of Parasoft SOAtest, Virtualize and Continuous Testing Platform

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The first release of the Parasoft enterprise functional testing products in 2020 is now available! In this release, there are several enhancements aimed at making API test automation and service virtualization easier and more productive for DevOps teams. Additionally, we have created a brand-new service virtualization mode called “sequence responders” that will make it much easier to simulate complex service behavior of dynamic services.

See our press release.


This release includes the ability to use the @test tag to associate test cases with work items in your requirements management and test management systems, along with an update to use OpenAPI 3.0.

  • Work Item association for SOAtest
    -- Users can now associate tests to test plans defined in their test management systems (in additional to other work items such as stories)

  • SOAtest & Virtualize Server API update
    -- Updated the API to use OpenAPI 3.0. In addition to an updated API documentation UI


Service virtualization is a critical enabler when testers do not have access to the real systems. Testers can use service virtualization to create simulated reproductions of the dependent services. This release contains multiple enhancements to make the virtualization of complex stuff easy.

  • Sequence Responders
    -- JSON and Literal Sequence responders, simplifying creation of complex API sequences
    -- Enables users to record a sequence of API responses and play them back in order. Simplifying creation of complex API sequences

  • Enhanced Traffic Wizards
    -- Traffic wizards will now select the best responder mode (Correlation, Sequence, or Literal) by analyzing traffic.

  • Ability to organize proxies into folders
    -- Group proxies by application for easy categorization. Add assets and proxies into the same folders to group by application.

Continuous Testing Platform (CTP)

One of the central themes of the Parasoft Continuous Testing Platform is team collaboration. The browser-based architecture enables teams to synchronize testing activities between their desktops and the browser so that they can search, reuse, share, and maintain test cases, test data, and virtual services artifacts in a centralized infrastructure. The 2020.1 release of the Parasoft functional tool suite provides an opportunity to enhance those capabilities by adding new features to enable and scale team collaboration.

  • Performance Monitoring dashboard
    -- For each server connected to CTP, you can drill down into usage details at virtual asset or message responder activity level and engage monitoring.

  • New freeform editor for test data
    -- Allows users to define any response payload modifications to test and asset data in the test data management dashboard.

  • Updates to jobs UI
    -- Resource permissions for jobs so that you can enable different teams to work side by side without compromising privacy
    -- Ability to specify data source rows as parameters for test jobs.